Race Horse Company - O'DD - (c) Minja Ka



Uncompromising contemporary circus

Race Horse Company was established in 2008 with the mission of creating uncompromising and unique circus with no holds barred. The rough-and-ready performances are based on strong acrobatic skills, the aesthetics of chaos, dark humour and surprise. 


Balancing the real sense of danger with comedic relief, the extremely physical acrobatic shows have left a huge mark in the world of contemporary circus. Since the very beginning, Race Horse Company has focused on international touring with their hit shows like Petit Mal (2010) and Super Sunday (2014). The team quickly became one of the most internationally touring Finnish performing arts companies and the founding members were awarded with the State's Circus Award in 2016 for their uncompromising work and risk-taking. 

Currently RHC tours with Super Sunday, street circus show Motosikai, children's circus show Chevalier and the Sci-Fi inspired O'DD.


”Race Horse Company keeps up the faith to innovation and renewability of finnish performance art” - Helsingin Sanomat



2.-4.7.2021 MOTOSIKAI - Festival des 7 Collines, France

6.-30.8.2021 O'DD online Assembly Festival / Edinburgh Fringe

10.-11.9.2021 O'DD Festivalis HELIUM, Lithuania

14.-18.9.2021 O'DD online Stockholm Fringe Festival

22.-23.9. O'DD Atoll Festival, Germany

12.-16.10.2021 O'DD Espoo City Theatre

11/2021 CHEVALIER - Les Boréales, France

Due to the pandemic we've had several of our performances cancelled and many performances 2021 are still to be confirmed. We will update our website and social media as the situation progresses. Contact us at info@racehorsecompany.fi for more information.