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Race Horse Company

Super Sunday

Super Sunday is a true rollercoaster ride of barely controllable chaos. Audiences are at the edge of their seats as the six unrelenting acrobats blaze through scenes of pure mayhem in an amusement park setting that every circus artist dreams of.

Super Sunday is a perfect blend of dark humour, amazing stunts and high-energy action. It's a show that was created as an artist ensemble from the need of dreaming big and going further than one should. Surviving human catapults, trampolines, teeterboard and a wheel of death has never been this fun!

​The show toured in 2014-2019 and has been performed over 170 times across Europe.



Mikko Karhu, Rauli Dahlberg, Kalle Lehto, Odilon Pindat,

Mikko Rinnevuori & Petri Tuominen

On stage (2019):

Rauli Dahlberg, Kalle Lehto, Odilon Pindat, Mikko Karhu, Jarno Polhuijs, Hannu Abonce


Sari Lakso & Race Horse Company (2014)

Lighting & set design:

Jere Mönkkönen & Klasu Eklund


Sami Tammela

Sound design:

Sami Tammela & Ben Rogers


Rauli Dahlberg & Anja Muhonen


17.5.2014 Stockholm, Sweden


75 minutes

Suitable for:

8+ years old

Stage requirements:

minimum 10m x 10m x 10m

Supported by:

Finnish Cultural Foundation

Alfred Kordelin Foundation

Kone Foundation

Samuel Huber Foundation

New Nordic Circus Network



Tour highlights

Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Biennale Internationale des Arts du Cirque 2017

Circusfest 2016

Les Nuits de Fourviere 2016

Festival Deltebre Dansa 2015

Festival Les Boréales 2014

Helsinki Festival 2014

Subtopia 2014

Venues include

Roundhouse, UK

Brighton Dome, UK

Lafayette, Underbelly Circus Hub, UK

Autostadt, Germany

La Scène nationale d'Orléans, France

Le Quartz, France

Le Phénix, France

Helsinki City Theatre



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