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"Like a rock concert!"

Race Horse Company and the techno-collective Drapes 247 join on the stage creating a unique club of live music and contemporary circus.  

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"Humanity in the guts of gravity"

O'DD is an adventure story of humanity in the guts of gravity. It plays  with the laws of physics until they bend and one can break free from  their grasp. Through wordless acrobatic movement and object  manipulation, the essence of humanity is altered, the individual is cut  into layers and imagined anew.

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#kepparit #hobbyhorses

Chevalier is a solo contemporary circus show based on the world of the traditional horse circus shows performed with hobby horses. The show includes traditional circus disciplines such as acrobatics, juggling, balancing and clownery – all performed with the unparalleled style of Kalle Lehto saturated with humor and the movement quality of a breakdancer. Original music by Sami Tammela and video art by Miikkael Kukkula. Premiere 3.5.2019!

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"Flying men and a van"

Motosikai pushes through absurd scenes of skill, action and laughter with unstoppable energy. The show is a parody of itself and brings quality entertainment and enjoyment to all kinds of human lifeforms. Who would've believed you could fit three acrobats with a teeterboard and so much of twisted humor, endless acrobatic tricks, a cyborg and a ton of other suprises in a simple van?!

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"As megalomanic as a penniless can be"

Super Sunday is a boneheaded roller coaster ride that sweeps the feet off the floor. The trademarks of the group are black humour, a crazy approach to everything and unrelenting performers. The show will take you from the bottom to the heavens with huge acrobatic stunts that won't leave anyone indifferent.


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"Urban contemporary circus!"

The latest creation of the award winning Race Horse Company "Urbotek" premiered in 2017 in France. The show is placed in an alternative shadow world of modern culture, urbanization and entertainment as it´s characters collide with work, pleasure and search of fulfillment

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"Children's circus at its finest"

Around is a contemporary circus performance created for children about the life of a small circus group, their mutual relations and overcoming difficulties through co-operation. Plunging headfirst into mishaps, this circus makes the impossible possible!

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"Absolute hit potential if the artists survive this!"

This spectacular collaboration of the Race Horse Company and Cirque Aïtal was also a co-production with the Cirko - Center for new circus. The extremely physical and absurd circus show premiered in 2012.

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"Co-starring hobby horses"

A solo contemporary circus performance and the first in a trilogy of children's circus shows by Kalle Lehto. The lifeless animal characters come alive through object manipulation and provide the performer with amazing co-stars for each scene. Premiered in 2012.

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"Now we've seen something truly spectacular!"

Petit Mal was the award winning co-production of the Race Horse Company and Circo Aereo directed by Maksim Komaro. The show drenched in black humour had critics claiming "after this the Finnish contemporary circus won't be the same!" The show premiered in 2010 and toured extensively around Europe.

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