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Race Horse Company

Tattarmossen Experience

Race Horse Company continues to push the boundaries of acrobatics and physical comedy in an over the top extravaganza set in a derelict workshop space in the outskirts of a busy town. The show features an unlikely fellowship of anti-heroes that make a hazardous adventure out of the most mundane activities in a display of the rugged and creative side of humanity.

Tattarmossen Experience explores the limits of failure and the absurdity of contemporary circus itself is laid bare on stage. The international ensemble of circus artists, comedians and a musician spare no punches as they combine different genres of comedy from sketch, screwball, and slapstick with physical mastery and “disastery”.

Circus disciplines include among others wall-trampoline, teeter-board, juggling and cyr-wheel.



Rauli Dahlberg

Florian Grobéty

Kalle Lehto

Jussi Liukkonen

Mia Toivola

Composition & Sound design

Jussi Liukkonen

Lighting Design

Valdemar Virtanen


22.9.2023 Tapanilan Sirkussali


60 minutes

Target group / audience age

7 - 99

Preferred audience size


Supported by

The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Foundation

Helsingin kaupunki

Taiteen edistämiskeskus


Tour highlights

20.-27.9.2023 Taidetestaajat, Tapanilan Sirkussali

22.9.2023 Premiere, Tapanilan Sirkussali

28.9.2023 Tapanilan Sirkussali

10.-11.10.2023 Taidetestaajat, Järvenpää-talo

12.10.2023 Järvenpää-talo



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