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Antti Suniala

25. elokuuta 2023

"Must-see for families!" Final shows of Chevalier - Hobbyhorse Circus in Edinburgh Fringe

As the Edinburgh Fringe draws to a close this weekend, don't miss your chance to experience the magic of "Chevalier – Hobbyhorse Circus." Join us for the final shows on the 25th to 27th of August and be part of the enchantment that has left audiences spellbound.

Step into the enchanting world of Race Horse Company's "Chevalier – Hobbyhorse Circus," a delightful family show that has captured the hearts of both young and old. With reviews pouring in from renowned publications, this captivating performance has garnered praise for its unique blend of circus artistry, creativity, and timeless appeal.

The Guardian raves about the show's playful charm, noting that "Lehto is the fall guy never quite in control of beasts who seem to have a life of their own, whether it is circling the stage in a steam train or stubbornly refusing to be corralled. Cue much laughter." (Source: The Guardian) Theatre Weekly hails the performance as a dreamlike experience, where "childish imagination effortlessly fuses with heart-pounding excitement." The reviewer applauds Kalle Lehto's virtuoso skills and the joyful transformation of hobby horses into vibrant characters. (Source: Theatre Weekly)

ScotsGay Arts is captivated by the show's wordless physical comedy and celebrates the combination of live performance and cinematic storytelling. The reviewer finds delight in the antics of the hobby horses, which lead to laughter and awe. (Source: ScotsGay Arts) One4Review highlights the mix of old and new in "Chevalier," praising the impressive acrobatics and the incorporation of video elements. The reviewer notes the show's ability to transport the audience to a whimsical dreamscape, evoking wonder and laughter. (Source: One4Review)

Fringe Review celebrates the joyous absurdity and subtle humor of the show, praising Kalle Lehto's impeccable clowning and puppetry skills. The reviewer admires the skilful balance between traditional circus acts and modern charm, creating a special experience for families. (Source: Fringe Review)

Broadway World commends "Chevalier" for seamlessly blending past and present, showcasing its low-fi charm and expertly crafted performances. The reviewer notes the show's ability to captivate young audiences and adults alike, creating an alternative introduction to circus arts. (Source: Broadway World)

EdFest Magazine describes "Chevalier" as a delightful homage that invites the audience on a whimsical journey filled with impressive acrobatics, balancing, and juggling. The reviewer praises Kalle Lehto's charisma and the universal appeal of the show's non-verbal nature. (Source: EdFest Magazine)

Join us for the final shows on the 25th to 27th of August at Assembly George Square Studio One at 12:00.

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