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"Humanity in the guts of gravity"

PREMIERE 8.-10.10.2020 Espoo City Theatre

Trampoline-wizard Rauli Dahlberg is joined by the award-winning choreographer Jarkko Mandelin, master of live-looping Miro Mantere and visionary light designer Jere Mönkkönen in creating contemporary circus from another dimension.


O'DD is an adventure story of humanity in the guts of gravity. It plays with the laws of physics until they bend and one can break free from their grasp. Through wordless acrobatic movement and object manipulation, the essence of humanity is altered, the individual is cut into layers and imagined anew.


This is a new kind of direction for contemporary circus, its future and dreamed reality. O’DD boldly leads us to the transient world of being human.


"Among the festival audience's absolute favorites"

- O’DD demo @ Festival Deltebre Dansa 2018

Show details


60 minutes

Target group:

Age recommendation 12+

Total  crew on tour:

1 artist, 1 musician & 2 technicians

Size of stage:

10m width x 8m depth x 7m height


Optimal 10 hours before show


8.10.2020 Espoo City Theatre, Finland


Supported by:

Finnish Cultural Foundation

Alfred Kordelin Foundation

Kone Foundation

Samuel Huber Foundation

New Nordic Circus Network


Concept & direction:

Rauli Dahlberg


Jarkko Mandelin

On stage:

Rauli Dahlberg & Miro Mantere


Race Horse Company

Lighting design:

Jere Mönkkönen & Eero Alava

​​Music & sound design:

Miro Mantere

Set design:

Rauli Dahlberg & Jere Mönkkönen


Costume design:

Viivi Raila & Janni Turtiainen

Tour schedule

8.-10.10.2020 Espoo City Theatre

13.-15.10. Kulttuuritalo Valve, Oulu

27.-28.11. Stoa, Helsinki


+358 45 857 0877

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