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Rauli Dahlberg

Artistic director / Circus artist

Rauli Dahlberg is a 2007 graduate of the French CNAC circus school and has lived circus with passion through out his life. He works as the second artistic director of Race Horse Company, as a performer and director of several shows. Rauli is specialized in trampoline and ball acrobatics and loves to innovate new circus props.

For Rauli the foundations of circus are visuality, story telling and surprise. His art is risky and entertaining, while including cinematic atmospheres and controlled chaos.

Rauli is one of the founding members of Race Horse Company, and has performed in the international contemporary circus hits ‘Petit Mal’ and ‘Super Sunday’. He has directed the RHC shows ‘Motosikai’ and ‘Urbotek’, as well as Sirkus Aikamoinen’s ‘Nahkanaama’.


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