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Antti Suniala

Antti Suniala was the main producer of Race Horse Company from March 2018 to November 2024. He has a versatile background as a circus artist, director and choreographer, DJ of several music styles, dancer of Argentine Tango, photographer and video editor to name a few of his passions. He believes that everything should be possible in the world of circus and strives to make just that possible.

As an awarded circus artist he is specialized in staff manipulation and fire circus and studies include a visit to the Beijing International Art Schools legendary circus department to learn "fei-cha". Performance highlights include a full season in Sirkus Finlandia 2009, performance with Apocalyptica in Eurovision 2007 and numerous international festivals and events. As a director he worked with fire artists and professional dancers and directed several commissioned large-scale works for the Lux Helsinki Festival in 2011-2015.

Besides administration, marketing, pitching and networking, he also has his hands on lot of the promotional photography and video editing of the company. This website too!


Tattarmossen Experience Järvenpäässä!


Ilmoittaudu! Nykysirkusta lapsille & Chevalier - Keppihevossirkus 6.-10.11.2023


Katso uusi Sirkuslyhytelokuvien illan traileri!


Lipunmyynti Tiketissä - Race Horse Company 15 Vuotta Festivaali


RHC 15th Anniversary Circus Festival ohjelma julkistettu!


"Must-see for families!" Final shows of Chevalier - Hobbyhorse Circus in Edinburgh Fringe


Unveiling the Magic: Chevalier - Hobbyhorse Circus at Edinburgh Fringe


Trailer for Rompecabezas is out! Happy 2023!


Walls Beneath Our Feet short film award news + trailer release


Rompecabezas - Final rehearsals before premiere in Helsinki


Dahlberg & Mandelin: "Circus Laboratory" looking for dancers and circus artists


Sirkuksen Lumo 2021 Prize Awarded to Race Horse Company’s O’DD
Antti Suniala

Photo - (c)

Antti Suniala

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