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"drumset sings, men fly above the van & the audience is bedazzled!"

Motosikai pushes through absurd scenes of skill, action and laughter with unstoppable energy.  The three acrobats soar through the sky like superheroes, while you pray for their safe landing.

The show features many of the Race Horse Company’s trademarks of teeterboard and ball acrobatics and so much more! The “less talk, more action!” attitude, twisted humour, endless acrobatic tricks and unfiltered energy has taken the Motosikai crew across Europe and into the hearts of countless festival audiences.

After  touring extensively in the UK, Germany and Spain, the show has also been one of the highlights of the 2019
Ansan Street Arts Festival  in Korea.

Due to the pandemic the show is on the road in August 2020 and summer of 2021!

Artist ensemble

Rauli Dahlberg, Mikko Karhu, Teemu Skön & Lassi Tauriainen


Rauli Dahlberg


Rauli Dahlberg

Planning, choreography:

Rauli Dahlberg, Teemu Skön,

Lauri Koskinen & Mikko Karhu


Sami Tammela & Ben Rogers


Sari Lakso, Rassi & Miza, Magnus Björu, Mari Virtanen, Maalitehdas, Viktor Gullischen, Ben Rogers,

Taike, Circus Helsinki

Tour highlights

Festival des 7 Collines, France
Carnaval Sztukmistrzów, Poland
Za Dveřmi, Czech Republic



Espoo-päivät, Finland

Ansan Street Arts Festival, Korea
Roots Festival, Holland
Fusion Festival, Germany
Seven Hills Festival, Latvia

Cirk! Aalst, Belgium
Esbaiola’t - Festival de Teatre, Spain
RHC 10th Anniversary Festival, Finland
Tete a Tete Festival, Germany
London, Spalding, Stockton UK tour
Odense Havenkultur Festival, Germany