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Antti Suniala

Photograph - (c)

Miika Storm

1. kesäkuuta 2023

Motosikai last shows this week!

Brace yourselves for the last chance to witness the breathtaking spectacle of Motosikai, one of Race Horse Company's longest and most toured shows. With its jaw-dropping acrobatics, twisted humor, and unstoppable energy, Motosikai has left audiences across the globe in awe.

From the Festival des 7 Collines in France to the Carnaval Sztukmistrzów in Poland, and from the Ansan Street Arts Festival in Korea to the Tollwood Summer Festival in Munich, Germany, Motosikai has taken the world by storm. Each performance has showcased the show's trademark teeterboard and ball acrobatics, blended with a healthy dose of twisted humor and unfiltered energy.

Now, as Motosikai reaches its final stretch, Race Horse Company invites you to an exhilarating Kesälaitumille street circus event in Kalasatamanpuisto, Helsinki, on the 3rd and 4th of June.

The Motosikai crew warmed up with a great performance in the Cultural Center Stoa in Helsinki on the 1st of June. Check out the photos below, grab your friends and join us on Saturday or Sunday!

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