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Poppy Plowman

Circus artist

Poppy Plowman is a British circus artist with Turkish Cypriot origins. Specializing in tight wire she studied at several different circus schools across Europe before graduating from Le Centre National de Châlons en Champagne (CNAC) in 2018. She has since taken to hair hanging and has performed both disciplines to a high standard in serval different circus shows/companies across Europe including: Friction - Antoine Rigot, Brise - Cirque des Petites Natures, The Big Bagaga Show - Company Ish, Wing Scuffle Spectacular - The Revel Puck Circus and Unity - Gorilla Circus.


Trailer for Rompecabezas is out! Happy 2023!


Rompecabezas - Final rehearsals before premiere in Helsinki
Poppy Plowman

Photo - (c)

Christophe Raynaud de lage

Productions include
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