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Photograph - (c)

Antti Suniala

9. tammikuuta 2023

Trailer for Rompecabezas is out! Happy 2023!

Happy new year and hope you have a great start for 2023. RHC is back at work and let's start the year with releasing the brand new trailer for Rompecabezas, our new show that premiered in October '22.

Director Kalle Lehto

Artists Kalle Lehto, Minna Liimatainen, Poppy Plowman, Guillermo Leon

Lighting design June Horton-White

Sound design & compositions Josu Mämmi, Sami Tammela

Production Kalle Lehto, Antti Suniala, Race Horse Company

Video & edit Antti Suniala

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