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Guillermo Leon

Circus artist

Born in the wild center of Mexico City, Guillermo was always interested in sports and arts. With circus he found the perfect balance between these two passions.

Moving away to Europe for the circus school formation was not an easy move but looking back it was a great decision that shaped him into the artist that he is today.

He likes to juggle clubs, hats, whips and a lot of random objects, he also likes to juggle humans that’s why he became a base, but his favorite moment in life is when he makes people laugh. Laughter is the best medicine and is definitely the one he uses to make the world a little better (or at least his own world).

He now has his own circus company Cie Facile À Retenir in France.


Trailer for Rompecabezas is out! Happy 2023!


Rompecabezas - Final rehearsals before premiere in Helsinki
Guillermo Leon

Photo - (c)

Stephane Breton

Productions include
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