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Race Horse Company

Photograph - (c)

Antti Suniala

5. toukokuuta 2022

Sirkus ikään kuin ikään - A new show for the elderly & children!

Sirkus ikään kuin ikään is a new RHC production that was created in for touring elderly service centres in Helsinki. The show was directed by Kalle Lehto and funded by the city of Helsinki as part of an initiative to further cultural activities and participation of the elderly people.

The show was created and rehearsed in the summer of 2021 and performed 9 times in elderly service centers in Helsinki and twice for children and senior audiences in the Tapanila Circus Space. We plan to take the show on the road again in 2022. Even abroad!

"Our customers were happy and excited about the performance. Some of them reminisced their own experiences of visiting a circus and especially the acrobatic tricks and music were exciting, pleasent and entertaining."

- Audience feedback

Check out the show trailer:

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