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Grand Hall - Viimsi Artium


Viimsi Artium

duration 55 minutes

suitable for 12+ 

no intermission

non-verbal performance

flashing lights

loud music

Race Horse Company “O’DD” (Fin)

Concept & director: Rauli Dahlberg
Choreography: Rauli Dahlberg & Jarkko Mandelin
Artists on stage: Rauli Dahlberg (circus) & Miro Mantere (music)
Sound design, composition & live music: Miro Mantere
Lighting design: Jere Mönkkönen
Set design: Rauli Dahlberg & Jere Mönkkönen
Costume design: Tiina Valve
Production : Race Horse Company

O’DD is visionary contemporary circus that sets out to redefine the  boundaries of physical expression and explore how the human body can  defy gravity.

The extremely physical show plays with the laws of physics until they  bend and one can break free from their grasp. Through wordless  acrobatic movement the essence of humanity is altered, the individual is  cut into layers and imagined anew.

The director and artist of the show, Rauli Dahlberg, has drawn  inspiration from the imaginative, abstract stories and scenarios of  science fiction books and films. Through acrobatic experimentation and  scriptwriting, he has been examining themes of human growth on a  personal and universal level.

On stage Dahlberg shows his skills with  several unique props, his wizardry on the trampoline, and the vigorous  feats on acrobatic balls. He is joined by the musician Miro Mantere, a  pioneer of live-looping, whose compositions and self-made instruments  create an atmospheric soundscape with room for improvisation and  interaction for both artists.

Dahlberg has also collaborated with the award winning choreographer  Jarkko Mandelin on the specific blend and quality of movement from the  worlds of circus and dance. The audiovisual spectacle is completed by  the light design by Jere Mönkkönen.

The Sci-Fi inspired O’DD premiered in the Espoo City Theatre in 2020.  The show is a 50-minute spectacle for adults and teens and can attract  audiences of all circus, dance, music and performing arts.

Race Horse Company was established in 2008 with the  mission of creating uncompromising and unique circus with no holds  barred. The rough-and-ready performances are based on strong acrobatic  skills, the aesthetics of chaos, dark humour and surprise.

Balancing the real sense of danger with comedic relief, the extremely  physical acrobatic shows have left a huge mark in the world of  contemporary circus. Since the very beginning, Race Horse Company has  focused on international touring with their hit shows like Petit Mal  (2010) and Super Sunday (2014). The team quickly became one of the most  internationally touring Finnish performing arts companies and the  founding members were awarded with the State’s Circus Award in 2016 for  their uncompromising work and risk-taking.

Trampoline-wizard Rauli Dahlberg is joined by the award-winning choreographer Jarkko Mandelin, master of live-looping Miro Mantere and visionary light designer Jere Mönkkönen in creating contemporary circus from another dimension.

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