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"urban contemporary circus"

Race Horse company's Urbotek toured in 2017-2019.


Urbotek explores life and survival in an alternative shadow world of the modern society.  In the midst of dark urban surroundings, mouse-traps and plastic waste, the characters search for personal fulfillment in the most extreme ways.

Urbotek builds hypnotic scenes through acrobatics and repetition, combining suspense,  continuous movement and virtuosity. The original music and lighting design creates a multilayered pulse of the city and urban ambience, as the artists excel in their physical raw approach to acrobatics on teeterboard, Cyr-wheel and Washington-trapeze.

“Urbotek is cruel, bone-headed and hypnotic…” - Turun Sanomat

“Perfect first show for the new audiences of circus!” - Audience feedback

Circus artists

Kalle Lehto, Elina Vessonen, Susanna Liinamaa, Teemu Skön, Lassi Tauriainen, Rony Hämäläinen, Teemu Riihelä


Rauli Dahlberg

Script / concept:

Rauli Dahlberg & Kalle Lehto

Lighting design:

Antti Sairanen

Sound design:

Sami Tammela & Jussi Liukkonen


Rauli Dahlberg & Anja Muhonen

Technical director:

Eero Alava


60 minutes


16.11. France

​​Supported by:

Finnish Cultural Foundation

Cirko – Center for New Circus

La Brèche - Pôle national des arts du cirque de Normandie


CircusInfo Finland

Tour highlights


At.Tension Festival 2019, Germany

Espoo City Theatre, Finland



15.-17.11. Stoa, Finland

22.-24.3. Stoa, Finland

17.-20.1. Alexander Theatre, Finland


23.11. Riga, Latvia

16.11. La Breche, Cherbourg, France (PREMIERE)