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Kalle Lehto

Artistic director / Circus artist

Kalle Lehto is a multi-talented artist, virtuoso acrobat, juggler, break dancing champion and one of the founding members of Race Horse Company. Never afraid of new challenges, Kalle has set his own path in circus, created several unique shows and stepped in the world of theatre as well with blazing reviews. Chevalier is a product of one of his greatest passions; creating outstanding circus for children.

“I love the honesty of children as an audience. You can see and hear already during the performance what works or not. I feel that in order to expand the audience base of contemporary circus we need to create and support quality performances that the whole family can enjoy.” - Kalle Lehto


Tattarmossen Experience Järvenpäässä!


Ilmoittaudu! Nykysirkusta lapsille & Chevalier - Keppihevossirkus 6.-10.11.2023


Katso uusi Sirkuslyhytelokuvien illan traileri!


Lipunmyynti Tiketissä - Race Horse Company 15 Vuotta Festivaali


RHC 15th Anniversary Circus Festival ohjelma julkistettu!


"Must-see for families!" Final shows of Chevalier - Hobbyhorse Circus in Edinburgh Fringe


Unveiling the Magic: Chevalier - Hobbyhorse Circus at Edinburgh Fringe


Trailer for Rompecabezas is out! Happy 2023!


Rompecabezas - Final rehearsals before premiere in Helsinki


Lasten- ja nuortenteatteripalkinto Race Horse Companylle
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