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June Horton-White

Lighting Designer

June is a lighting designer and technician, who occasionally tinkers with light art projects and pyrotechnics. She is fascinated by the possibilities of kinetic empathy and firmly believes in circus’ ability to change the world.

With a history in live music and drama theatre, she has more recently been drawn to circus and dance – literally went into the Theatre Academy of Helsinki thinking of Les Misérables and came out with a master’s thesis about lighting design in contemporary circus.

An eternal freelancer, she has worked with an eclectic array of groups such as Circus OZ, Spaghetti Circus, Kompani Giraff, Cirko Aereo and Agit Cirk. She loves to make an impact and is always looking for new ways to convey stories.


Rompecabezas - Final rehearsals before premiere in Helsinki
June Horton-White

Photo - (c)

Productions include
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