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RHC Mentoring Program published

Race Horse Company is offering artistic and productional mentoring for artists. The Mentoring program’s aim is to share knowledge and the groups experience to artists who would find mentoring helpful in order to develop themselves as performers and in the process of professional growth.

We offer support in the artistic work, development of new ideas and circus techniques, direction of acts or shows under creation and knowledge of the field and how to employ yourself within it. We also offer an opportunity to use our training space if needed.The program starts in April-May 2020 and the more accurate schedule will be planned separately with each participant according to their individual needs. The mentors are RHC’s Rauli Dahlberg, Kalle Lehto and Mikko Karhu. The program is free of charge for the participants and is held mainly in Helsinki area. Mentoring will happen either in English or Finnish.

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