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O'DD pitched for 2020 @Performing HEL

O'DD - (c) Christoffer Collina

The science fiction inspired O'DD is Race Horse Company's next production set for a 2020 premiere. The show is a solo and creation of RHC founding member Rauli Dahlberg and is dubbed as an "action story into humanity in the guts of gravity". Besides Rauli's ingenious acrobatics, the show features the visionary lighting design of Jere Mönkkönen, music and sound from one of the true live-looping pioneers Miro Mantere and collaboration with the award winning choreographer Jarkko Mandelin.

Race Horse Company's producer Antti Suniala had the opportunity to pitch the show at the Performing HEL -showcase for 80 international presenters, programmers, directors and other performing arts professionals. With 5 full-length performances, 10 demos and 12 production pitches, the event showcased the finest work from Finland right now.

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