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5 star reviews for Super Sunday

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Race Horse Company's Super Sunday, quoted as the "most ambitious production in the 5 year history of the Underbelly Circus Hub", has received several 5 star reviews at the start of the Edinburgh Fringe. Being a part of the biggest performing arts festival in the world is an amazing experience for the entire company and nothing makes it better than the great audiences and their feedback.

Trampoline action - (c) Antti Suniala

Here's a few reviews the show has received so far:

"Race Horse Company are a troupe of the most dexterous, skilful human beings you may ever

have been in the presence of. Add to that, the often dry and abstract humour, and you find

yourself laughing and gasping in equal measure." - Broadway World

"Surrendering to this big, racuous all-male circus show from Finland's Race Horse Company is easy. Those who devised it and perform in it have got the balance between testosterone and tongue-in-cheek just right." - Fest Magazine

Read more about the show and reviews here!

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