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4 star review: O'DD online @ EdFringe 2021

Johanna Mäkeläinen, BroadwayBaby.com 10.8.2021

Bounce, bounce, bounce, flip, bounce, bounce, double flip... on and on it goes. A bouncing human body is truly hypnotic to watch, and we get to see plenty of it: fully naked, wrapped in clingfilm, in overalls, even in a spacesuit. Served with an eerie soundscape and atmospheric lighting, some might say that this sci-fi inspired acrobatics act is out of this world.

This sci-fi inspired acrobatics act is out of this world.

Performer Rauli Dahlberg is the trampoline virtuoso of the Finnish contemporary circus troupe Race Horse Company. He has also written and directed the solo performance with the help of choreographer Jarkko Mandelin and sound artist Miro Mantere, whose dreamlike live-looping blends effortlessly into Dahlberg’s body language. Light designers Jere Mönkkönen and Eero Alava have done a great job creating an alien ambiance.

Sci-fi themed circus is not an obvious match, although they share a mutual aspiration for defying gravity. O’DD is Dahlberg’s long-standing dream, fueled by his affection for Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001: Space Odyssey. O’DD’s ultra-physical expression takes you on a cinematic journey. Just like Kubrick, Dahlberg’s vision creates a compellingly enigmatic experience where visuals lead the story as the human species seeks its place in the vast universe.

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