Uncompromising contemporary circus

Race Horse Company was born in 2008 out of need to create uncompromising, personal and completely new kind of contemporary circus. Race Horse Company's rough-and-ready performances are based on aesthetics of chaos, humour and surprise. The company approaches circus without questioning, leaving philosophy and thinking to the spectators. Since the very beginning, Race Horse Company has focused on touring and so far produced six contemporary circus performances and three Circus cabarets. The ultimate objective is no less than taking over the entire world.

Rauli Dahlberg

"If you got nothing, you must have something"

Rauli is one of the founding members of RHC and a master of creative chaos and trampoline. Director of Urbotek & Motosikai.

Kalle Lehto

"Cotton candy for all!"

Kalle is one of the founding members of RHC and a breakdancing juggling phenomenom. Director of Circles, Around and Chevalier.

Antti Suniala

"What doesn't kill you, hurts like hell"

Antti Suniala, a man destined for misfortune and fame, started as the new producer for the Race Horse Company in March 2018. He is a former award winning circus artist, social dancer, DJ and a festival producer.

Eero Alava

"Time, what is it?"

Eero Alava is company's technical mastermind and strobe specialist. He's been working in a field of theatre and contemporary dance with different projects as a lighting designer, operator and technician. Also takes care of rehearsal space in Tattarisuo.

Mikko Karhu

"...that was a joke!"

Mikko Karhu is Finnish acrobat, specialized in trampoline, teeterboard and russian bar. Long time RHC member who is always finding new things to learn. ​​

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